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New Announcements Plugin
28 August 2014

After hours of hard work, GeonoTRON2000 has finished the Announcements plugin for the TBGs website! This plugin will allow any administrator to easily post an announcement to the front page along with this a post in this topic. It will really make it easier for the moderation team. Therefore, we would like to thank GT for his efforts, and if you like you can check out this website at thegt.org; I'm sure he'd appreciate it!

New TBG Moderator
25 June 2013

Somelia has been elected as the new TBG Moderator in the 7th TBG Moderator Elections. Feel free to congratulate her! :)

Moderator Election No. 7
08 June 2013

We are currently holding a moderator election. One moderator will be chosen, and all TBGers are welcome to join, as long as they have over 20 posts. The position is temporary for now, however it may become a permanent position in future depending on the circumstances. Candidates, prepare your speeches.

URL Problems?
17 April 2013

The new update changed the URL of the forums from tbgs.tk to tbgs.tk/forums, so you may have to update any bookmarks you have. Also note that some links to topics or posts on the wiki and other places may also be out of date. If you see any such errors, please contact an administrator so they can fix the problem as soon as possible.

New Updates to the Website!
11 April 2013

Welcome to the new look of the TBG forums! You'll notice the new navbar that is present on all pages, and also the new homepage with the latest news, and links to important pages! I hope you enjoy this new update, however please report any bugs you find in the website. Thank you for your cooperation :)<br /><br />In case you're a bit confused right now, click the play button on the navbar to go to the forums. ;)